So The Goose Lost Its Golden Sheen: Whodunit?


The Gossip

The Kids

Or is it just the juicy fruit after all.
The Gossip craves attention, which it gets by distributing the juicy fruits. The trees that bears these juicy fruits are finite and limited. After exhausting the stock, the Gossip needs to manufacture artificial ones and pass them around. Being artificial, they are tinged with some bitterness and aftertaste. And lots of false ingredients. This goes on till not a single original ingredient is left. The Gossip knows the kids are hooked. And will not stop to inspect.
Is the Gossip a suspect for doing this?
The kids are truly hooked. They want more. And they want exciting. They just have to feed the Gossip to collect more fruits. This, they do willingly.  Encourage and praise, and get more fruits. Original, artificial, who really cares. Only the kick and the high matters.
Are the kids at fault for being selfish and immature and encouraging the Gossip thus?
Gossip feeds the Kids. Kids feed the Gossip.
Who then really killed the Golden Goose?

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